21 May 2014

Iceland Gull on St Davids GC

Wot a stunner!

At the end of the dullest morning for a long while, I scanned the Golf-course and in among the Herring Gulls was this beauty. I'm not sure I've seen seen a smart summer adult Iceland Gull before. It was quite confiding and it was interesting to look at the differences with the Herring Gulls.

The primary projection was obviously longer than the Herrings and the head shape different, more rounded and more 'gentle'. This was all pretty consistent, the Herrings always looked fiercer, as if they were frowning. And their heads' shape was flatter.

The orbital ring of the Iceland was reddish as opposed to yellow and the eye itself appeared rounder. The red gonys patch was reduced, the bill slightly less heavy with little gonyl angle;  the bill base was a duller yellow than the Herrings. It's supposed to have a greenish tinge, but this wasn't obvious to me though it was a duller yellow at least.

 Another good Gull for an amazing Gull year in Pembs.

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