24 September 2014

A few Autumn birds at St Davids

It's been a quiet month here, a bit disappointing really but I thought I'd take the opportunity to put up a few photos of what there has been. Hopefully there's more, and better, to come. This Wryneck has been around by the Kissing Gate for a few days but showed quite well this morning.

Last autumn was disappointing for Lapland Buntings, hopefully this bird was a harbinger of a better late autumn this year. It was unusually obliging on the path up to the Old Coastguard Lookout.

Found by Mike Thomas of Glamorgan while on holiday at Lleithyr Campsite, this Rose-coloured Starling has been present there for a while now. The shots are a bit distant but still the bird stands out amongst Common Starlings.

And a gratuitous moth photo to finish: a rather svelte Autumnal Rustic taken at Sealyham last night.