19 April 2012

Little Bittern

This male Little Bittern was found at the Teifi Marshes (and was later on the Pembrokeshire side) on 19th April 2012 by Sarah Bebb. It can be seen to be a first-summer because wings are still largely juvenile, contrasting with a single newly acquired tertial and adult type head, neck and body plumage.

All records are assessed by the BBRC

Little Bitterns in Pembrokeshire

Merlin's Bridge  date unknown  (Matthews 1894)
'Pembrokeshire coast' October 1899  (Lockley et al 1949)
Shot near Fishguard in about 1916  (Lockley et al 1949)
'taken' near Solva' many years ago'  (Lockley et al 1949)
Broad Haven  found dead 26th April 1964  (KJSD)
Sandy Haven  18th April 1970  (JL et al)
Dowrog  3rd May 1983  (CL, KJSD, GHR)
Whitesands  found dead 12th April 1993  (RH)
Castle Martin  a wing found 2nd April 1995  (GHR et al)
Cilgerran Gorge  6th May 1995  (PED)
Teifi Marshes  19th-20th April 2012   (SBe)

The quality of some of the earlier records suggests a review may be in order.