22 April 2013

Woodchat Shrike St Davids Head

This bird was found late yesterday at Porthmelgan by Bernie Stevens. I refound it this morning (22nd April) and managed a few photos despite the murk and drizzle; obviously the quality isn't great but the best I could manage in the conditions with a compact camera. Can't imagine what it makes of West Wales after sunny Southern Europe.

Given that the dampness only serves to darken the plumage, it seems to me the overall tones are too pale for an adult male, especially the gingery impression, rather than chestnut of the head. The wings appear a bit too greyish also. The poor viewing conditions didn't allow for a check of different generations of feathers so, for me, it goes down as a second year bird or maybe an adult female, though I have a feeling the former is more likely.

The same bird on 26th
And again 

Woodchat Shrike records for Pembs since 2000

Skomer 29th April 2000 (JGB) and 6th May (JGB)
Skokholm 1st May 2000 (JT et al) 
St Brides 10th May (ASu)
Skomer 30th-31st May 2003 (MO)
Skomer 11th-13th Oct 2004 (JGB)
Treginnis 13th May 2008 (DR)
St Bride's 20th May 2008 (LO)
Martin's Haven 8th June 2008 (ST)
Strumble Head 1st July 2009 (RI)
Abereiddy 23rd April 2011 (HR)
St Davids (Whitesands) 25th-26th April 2011 (MYP et al)
Mullock Bridge 15th-19th May 2011 (DB)
St Davids Hd 21st-29th April 2013 (BS)

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