10 March 2013

Green Sandpipers wintering at Sealyham

Green Sandpiper is the wader most likely to be encountered in woodland and scrubby habitats usually, but not always, associated with water. At least for the last few years, Sealyham in the Anghof valley has been a regular wintering site for one or two birds which arrive in November and depart in April. The habitat consists of ponds, some of which are very silted up, a stream, gardens and woodland in a river valley. They seem also to use a stream on nearby farmland and maybe a slurry pit there. The photos below are of this winter's birds. There seems to be a male and female, judging by size difference. They are very wary and alert, usually a flash of white and black and a piercing call are all you experience. It's pretty magical around the garden though.

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