27 September 2012

Long-eared Owl

This superb migrant Long-eared Owl was present at St Davids head for just a day, 27th September 2012.
Long-eared Owls are rare migrants in Pembs, though undoubtedly there is at least one winter roost to be discovered, probably in the St Davids area if history is any guide

. The last roosts discovered were at St Davids and were of 5 in February 1993 and of 7 in January 1997.

In the absence of winter roosting birds, records are not quite annual, a rare bird in Pembs, at present.

Long-eared Owls in Pembs since 2000

Skokholm  21st October 2002  (GT)

Skokholm  9th November 2002  (GT)
Rhodiad, St Davids  8th October 2005  (JB)
Skomer  14th-16th October 2006 (JGB)
Skomer  24th October 2007  (JGB)
Skomer  18th September 2008 (unknown)
Porth Clais  3 on 8th October 2008 (RW)
Marloes Mere  13th December 2008  (SS)
Mab's Gate  1st January 2009  (SS)
Skomer  1st October 2010 (DB)
Freshwater West  11th December 2010 (RD)
St Davids Hd  27th September 2012  (MYP)

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